Frequently Asked Questions

Does JRF provide multi-year funding?
No. The period for implementation of a responsive grant is one year. While any grant may be renewed at the board's discretion, a grantee must reapply annually.
If a nonprofit has received JRF grant funding in the past few years, how would they be affected by the new "JRF Applicant Profiles?"
The JRF Applicant Profiles determine which instructions a nonprofit must follow in developing a grant application. For 2010 only, all applicants will identify with Profile A.

Beginning with the 2011 spring grant cycle, an applicant will identify with Profile B only when the organization was a successful grantee in the previous year and is requesting a consecutive year of JRF funding for the same project.
Does JRF fund nonprofits based outside of its service area?
Even though a nonprofit may be based outside of the defined service area, the percentage of its target population that resides within the JRF service area is considered, along with the scope of its work and its alignment with our mission. These percentages must be accurately reflected on the Applicant Profile Summary. Contact the grant program officer for clarification.
How can a nonprofit determine whether or not a proposed project to improve quality of life would fit the new JRF definition of "quality of life as it pertains to health"?
If you need clarification regarding the eligibility of any proposed project, please contact the grant program officer.
Are JRF grantees allowed to redirect the unused balance of a previous grant?
Unused grant funds may not be redirected for any other purpose without the approval of the JRF grant committee. Violation of this grant agreement term will result in revocation of the entire grant award.